We are a zero-impact green company whose methods do not damage the environment.

THE MOST environmentally friendly way to treat, maintain and condition the surfaces of your property.

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We Are The ONLY CERTIFIED SoftWash System Applicators In MAINE.​

softwash certification
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We chose this system specifically for its Good Steward theology and promise to the environment.



All of SoftWash Systems cleaning catalyst products breakdown into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment.

water based


All of SoftWash Systems cleaners are water based and contain no solvents or phosphates.

low voc


SoftWash Systems cleaning catalyst products are low volatile organic compounds and conform to the strict Air Quality Management standard.



All of SoftWash Systems cleaners ship non-hazardous and require no special handling or storage precautions.

Fossil Fuel Free


SoftWash Systems strives to follow the theology of using as little fossil fuel based energy as possible.


Softwashing is the NEW revolution in exterior


Our equipment uses the lowest possible pressure- between 50 and 80 P.S.I.  to protect your roof, siding and other delicate surfaces.


Our low pressure system CONSERVES water by using 1/3 of the water necessary to “power wash” the same surface.


Our process removes 99% of all growth and streaks. The softwasing process removes contaminants to the root for a more effective an longer lasting “clean” 


“Hi William, Our roof looks great. Thanks for doing a great job and your softwash process will help protect my roof. Thanks Again!!!”

Dean Ayotte

“HI William…My husband and I just want to thank you again for doing an amazing job on our home. The end result is more than we expected! It looks as though the whole house ‘woke up with bright whites and even the color of the house looks different…in a good Way. Your kindness, professionalism, knowledge of your products, and detail of your work truly made this experience one to pass along. Thank You,”


Softwash Applications

common applications

Our process

We clean stains~mold~mildew~ lichen and dirt on the exterior surfaces of commercial and residential buildings and in New England

Roof 2

Common Applications

  • Roofs – Metal, Shingle cedar shake
  • Decks – Wood, Composite, Exotic wood (teak etc.)
  • Siding – Vinyl, Cedar, Painted
Portland Pizza

Other Applications

  • Commercial trucks 
  • Fleet cleaning-buses, vans,cars
  • Boats/docks
  • Concrete patios, sidewalks, pool decks
  • Campers/R.V.’s

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softwash certification
Click for more information on SoftWash Systems