New England Softwash Solutions

We are the ONLY CERTIFIED SoftWash System
Applicators in MAINE.

New England Softwash Solutions was established in 2016 after years of looking for a better method of exterior cleaning than power wash units that were messy and ineffective. During that time we discovered THREE very important things: 1. the only option seemed to be "power washing" 2. our customers complained that the "clean" effect was not long lasting and 3. that power washing was damaging the surfaces of what we were cleaning. FINALLY we discovered Softwashing. This revolutionary new way to remove unsightly stains on those exterior surfaces is exactly what we were looking for. Softwashing utilizes such low pressure it can also be used on some interior surfaces. Softwashing is the superior way to treat your most valuable asset. We chose this system specifically for its GoodSteward ™ theology and promise to the environment. The entire process from the solutions we use to the system we apply it with were all designed around being environmentally responsible.

Our softwash services restore roofs and surfaces without any damage to the property or environment. Softwash technology is efficient, environmentally responsible, and effective.


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